Thursday, December 6, 2012

New Project: That Speckled Skirt

I'm very excited to start working on this skirt! I'm very aware that the skirt is going to be "straight forward"-- in some techniques. But certainly not all, I will say.

New techniques I'm trying:

  • Underlining
  • Lapped zipper
  • Slip stitch
  • Sewing with seam binding

It took a little digging around at a local fabric warehouse, but I found my fabrics! The teal is my underlining and the fabric on the bottom seems to be a wool-blend that is actually black with white speckles. It's classic without looking too "suit-y". I also ordered some neutral, warm colored seam binding from Etsy-- and wow, what a great set of colors are available for this stuff! I'll probably use the lightest color for this particular project.

This skirt requires a single button to tie up the back of the waist band and I'm actually really torn as to which I'm going to use! I know that sounds lame, but after lamenting not having enough buttons a few months back, now I have quite a collection!

5$ button grab bags at Britex Fabrics? Oh yes. I've gone in twice now in the last few months and bought two bags each time... and I'll just say it took me at least two hours to sort them all and get them properly stored by color! 

The button in the foreground, the off-white one with the 4 black hairline lines? That's the one I'm thinking for this project-- it'll match my seam binding! But who knows? Maybe I'll swing by Britex again before I finish the skirt and come home with more buttons to decide between.

But first up, toile (which I'd like to start using instead of muslin- so much more classy!). I've traced my pattern all ready but we'll see how the first version comes out. I all ready have a feeling I may need to move a dart or two around...

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