Saturday, December 8, 2012

From Line to Art

After having embroidered up some super cute woodlandly Peter Pan collars for Twine and Pearls, I've recently gone on a googling adventure through the blogosphere, being inspired by all the fun embroidery designs that are out there and on Etsy. I wanted to share some of the ones I thought were cute and unique!

Kranken vs Ship by houseofwhimsy
Wooly Sheep and Tree Pattern by Sewjenaissance
PIGGINS and Friend by MargieMargie

Boris E. Morley by Follow the White Bunny
lallaa doppelganger in my head by sparklymouse

This one is particularly striking to me because it really reminds me of Fashion Illustration which I miss and absolutely love. Even though the line weight is really thin, the drawing is very blind contour and looks beautiful.

And lastly, because it honestly made me laugh aloud:

Untitled by funkembroidery

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