Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Completed Sewing Project: Cherry Print Wiggle Dress

I'm actually really proud at how busy and motivated I've been in the last few weeks- it feels amazing. I know a lot of people don't necessarily see being busy as being a good thing... but I'm happy because I'm getting so much done, all the time. Lots of projects under my belt, lots more on the table. I think also starting to have a dedicated sewing space has helped!

My most recent project is for my upcoming birthday party!

The above picture is an in-progress, but it's completed now and basically looks... like the above pictures! Sans the white basting lines. I still haven't worn it out yet, though, so cute pictures haven't been taken.

But a cherry dress? Oh yes. This is after scouring Joann's Fabrics for a lemon print like I posted about a few weeks ago. I see this as a practice run for that dress, however! After making this dress, I'm hoping round two is a little more precise with less random pulling and seams that match up a little bit better. It's probably a good thing that this print is so busy- most of my mistakes aren't visible unless you're looking for them! (...but I know they're there!)

Anyway, I used a combination of McCall's M5972 (from my SpringGreen dress, but I used the pencil skirt portion) and M6557 (for the bodice).

I lucked out with the bodice because it was originally designed for petites so that was one issue down. I still had to do a FBA which was interesting considering the pleating at the center front. I kind of winged it, though, and it turned out better than I had anticipated!

Next I attempt this dress (with a lemon print, damn it!), I'll probably be changing the size of the pleats because they didn't match up the other seams somewhere along the way... but either way, with a quick FBA, the bodice was perfect. 

The skirt portion was a little bit more interesting considering I have never made a pencil skirt before. I made the skirt on my muslin piece as per the directions and original pattern and it was unshapely and bland! I mean, I understand it'd be good for an office that way... but for something a little more flirty and fun? Eh.

By the time the above picture was taken, I had started taking in the seams a little bit at a time-- and eventually I got a little more dramatic with it in the end. It's walkable! Sitting is a little more interesting, but I can handle it. I think I'll probably end up reinforcing the seams with topstitching and I'm confident It'll look good. 

Overall, I'm really happy with this dress. As you can see in the completed pictures, the pulling is a little strange, but the print really disguises it like crazy. I also didn't have enough pink lining to do up the inside so I had to go with what I had... lame! I think stocking up on lining since it's so ridiculously cheap would be amazing... a red or black lining would have been ideal, but eh. 

I'm looking forward to making a lemon print version of this when I find the right fabric- it'll look awesome! I won't skimp on the details like the cute lace and sash for next time, either. But for a two (FULL) day project, it sewed up without too many head aches or drama. 

For my next personal project (after I get a couple more done for my Etsy), will be another lolita dress because it's been a while. I was able to get my mitts on one of the Gothic Lolita Bibles (thanks again, Chise!!!) and there's an Innocent World pattern that needs my attention! I can't decide what color palette I want to work with... but I'll probably have a good mental image when I get around to it in a week or two. 


  1. Such beautiful work! I can't wait to see it worn :D

    1. Thanks, Julie! It's amazing to have a wiggle dress like this that actually fits me like a glove- not something store bought that is sub par!