Friday, September 14, 2012

New Project: Falling into Autumn Dress

It's been a while since I've worked on a solely lolita dress so I'm really looking forward to picking away at this dress in the coming month!

Project Title : Falling into Autumn Dress
Short Project Description: Honey Gold fabric with a heavy hand, fashioned into a sweetheart neckline lolita JSK. Pleated ruffle and neckline French Roast trim with accents of gold and Rose Smoke venice lace and pipping. 
Projected Deadline: October 28th. Long way off, but tbh, I have a lot of things going on but I would really love this for some sort of Halloween celebration!
Pattern(s) Used: Innocent World pattern in Gothic Lolita Bible #42
Materials needed: Honey Gold fabric, French Roast fabric, lining, zipper, Rose Smoke venice lace, multicolored pipping, 4 buttons, hook and eye.
Challenges or obstacles: I'm quite fortunate that this particular pattern has been featured in a YouTube tutorial video that goes through the entire construction process- which is great! I'll be omitting the back shirring because if it's going to be custom-made... what's the point of making it multi-size? Seriously. Also, I've never done a FBA on a princress seam bodice but tutorials online don't make it seem too difficult; I've all ready bought some muslin to get that portion done without hassle. 

I was really unsure of the colors I wanted to use for this particular design. After falling in love with one of Baby the Stars Shine Bright's preorder capelets, I knew I had to create something that would match. (Pantone Fall 2012 similar colors? Heck yes!) I definitely would like to track down some Bambi faux fur to make myself a similar fur capelet- I must have something similar! Matching beret and hand muff? Lolita autumn heaven.

Super cute! I will definitely make one of these for myself!

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