Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I Want an Ugly Man Sweater.

It's September and what does that mean to me? I have better start knitting, otherwise I'll not be prepared for when the real cold hits! So far right now there is still time to start knitting up a storm-- but if I wait until the end of October I won't finish in time!

A few weeks ago I posted a Polyvore set with a 300$ MAJE sweater and I've been scouring Ravelry for similar sweaters that won't make me go insane. I want a cable knit sweater, but here are my main dilemmas: I've never made knit sweaters before. Also, I've never made cables in a knitted garment. Both I hear are relatively easy feats- but I know I intimidate myself without a doubt... especially since most of the patterns I've come across involve charted directions.

Cables and Lace Cardigan

This sweater is kind of fitting the mood that I wanted to go with-- chunky "whatever" sweater that is bulky and with little shape. I know that sounds super weird... but I want a sweater I can throw over cute dresses and that really balance out the look. Cute dress, tights, fedora, oxfords-- and a chunky, big sweater. The sleeves would probably be made longer, though, because 3/4? Only in moderate climates. 

Stonecutters Cardigan
Lots of cables- lots. But the collar is my favorite part of this particular piece. And-- generally this sort of look doesn't ever really lose its appeal. But so many cables! Eep.

Rosewood Cardigan
I really like this sweater because it's simple and to the point. Plus it looks like the majority of it is made in stockinette with just the single cable along the edge-- enough to get my feet wet when it comes to that design motif! Paid pattern, however.

Of all the patterns I saw, Aidez is my favorite. It has enough variety to be exciting and it also looks like it'd be fun and challenging. The big cable pattern on the back also looks delicious!

Most of the patterns I've found require 1000+ yards of yarn... so as much as I would love this sweater to be something awesome like angora or alpaca- I may have to settle for something less luxurious. But,  I think if I can source something online, I may be able to figure out how to use something delicious. I'll probably be getting supplies in a little over a week... Anyone down for a fall sweater knit-along?

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