Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fall Outfit Planning

So since I'm planning on having all my outfits handmade/vintage/second hand, I figure it'd be fun to list out what sorts of things I'd like to do for the fall, including the patterns I would like to use and buy and blahblah. Though to be honest, the most annoying part of the entire thing is finding the correct patterned fabric... Hmph. I really just have to find cool places to source from.

Fall 2012 - Lemon Tree

How fun is that lemon print? I found a place in Berkeley earlier this year that has amazing fruit prints and I'm 99% sure they have something similar to this fun lemon-y print! With some cute flats, cross-body little bag, cardigan and scarf? Perfect for a day off. The pattern I found (McCall's M6557) is probably the closest that I could find that's still in print... with a modified pencil skirt piece, I think it'd be pretty simple. The trick might be after I my FBA, being able to add the keyhole zipper top... Not necessary, but I think it'd be adorable. Also, it fits in with one of my favorite colors from Fall 2012 Pantone color: Honey Gold.

Fall 2012: Blues and Greens

I've never made anything with a collar so this one would be interesting, I think. Still though, for something a little more dressy, this one would be fun. Semi-dressy. And definitely not in khaki: I want Olympian Blue or Aquamarine Green. I think contrasting tights, shoulder bag, trench coat, little boots? It reminds me of rain, but in a happy way.

Fall 2012: Cool Weather and Cute

Not exactly the same, but I think a simple sash belt and matching peter pan collar is a piece of cake. I'm not sure I would add the contrast color to the button area, but more than likely would. The breast pocket flaps- no. I don't need more attention called to that area! As for the colors, Rose Smoke and French Roast! I think a beautiful fabric with a delicate design in those colors would be simple for me to match in my closet. Matching accessories like a (handmade!!) chunky cable sweater, fedora or felt hat, black tights and flats.

As of right now I have the sewing pattern from the last set-- so I'm really excited about that. Considering I have a lot of sewing projects going on, I won't be making that soon... but probably starting in September I'll start picking away at these ideas.

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