Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Weekend Running Around.

I had a really amazing weekend- I had to post pictures of it! So many good friends to see, so much to do-- I absolutely adored it. It was wonderful spending time with so many of my good friends; I needed it.

A lot of running around was done and I got to enjoy the Jpop Summit Festival in Japantown! The popular Japanese brand Liz Lisa set up a pop up shop, as well as presented a fashion show.

I really love all their designs-- but most of them are way too small and short for me to rock! Still, though, the aesthetic is lovely and I think if they branched out to the US, they would actually do quite well. 

My friend Christine (from Christine de la Creme) being super cute! She flew up from San Diego for the weekend and it was so much fun being able to reminisce about old times- as well as to dress up like I used to do with my old lolita group. 

Maria and Catherine! Maria flew up this same weekend to just peddle around the city and visit Catherine who is here for school. It was great having dinner with these wonderful ladies~!

And me, wearing the dress I made weeks ago and blogged about a while ago. This side view of the dress doesn't do it justice-- I'll be posting some better pictures of this weekend sometime soon...

Weird, interestingly fun shot with my boyfriend doing his thing and taking pictures of Christine and I! He was amazing all of Sunday and followed us around, taking pictures and being a good sport. 

Miss Heather holding up a crazy petticoat! While browsing the Haight, we decided we're going to need some funky costumes for the upcoming Folsom Street Fair... This is going to be Heather's first time going to this event and I think it's just going to be amazing. Last I went, I dressed lolita and will probably do so again. 

I really had a fun, bouncy weekend and I'm so glad to have such supportive friends to spend these last couple days with. Dressing up rekindled my long lost love of lolita and I feel more compelled to dress up and flop about. Plus it also makes me homesick-- I need to visit my family and friends in San Diego and Los Angeles soon!

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