Monday, May 21, 2012

Completed Sewing Project: Petticoat

At long last, the petticoat I spoke of weeks ago... is finally completed!

The Facts
Start Date: April 2012
Finish Date: May 19, 2012
Fabric: 100% Polyester Lining, Tulle, 100% Polyester Lace
Pattern: Loosely based of the petticoat pattern in various Gosu Rori magazines + Inspired by Baby the Stars Shine Bright standard petticoat
Year: Contemporary-ish.
Notions: 1" wide standard elastic
Time to Complete: Completely lost track, but on and off for three weeks
First Worn: Haven't yet!
Wear again?: It was made to replace my old sad petticoats... so yes!
Total Price: 2y tulle at 1$p/y, 4y of lace for 3.50$ p/y: 16$ 
Changes from original Plan: PLENTY! Looking at the pattern I drafted, it has some serious changes and I will probably have to redraft some pieces in case I'd like to make another in the future. 

How happy am I with the result?: 90% satisfied. Working with tulle is a nightmare... which I should have been aware of from my previous petticoat attempts. Cutting it is tricky and getting it to stay still long enough to stitch straight is terrible. As a result, some of the tiers are slightly off and not placed properly. I also tried to use bias binding on a bigger scale than I'm used to and that was difficult. Bias binding + not straight tulle + a few yards of it? Horrendous! I think all the little difficulties lead to it being a 3 week project... I'd work on something and have to redo it because I didn't want to settle for a shoddy project. As of now, it's done and completed. Except for the elastic casing which I didn't make wide enough to comfortably accommodate the waistband by maybe 1/8 of an inch. Right now it doesn't seem to make a difference... but we'll see after I wear it the first time. If it looks weird under a garment, I'll probably have to redo the waistband (or if I don't occupy myself with a new project soon, my OCD will want to redo it immediately)

I will say I am happy with the poof. Looking at it straight on, it seems as if it won't have enough... but wearing it and the full cupcake poof comes to life.

I'm happy I had this project, though... my old petticoats have really lost all semblance of life and I was having to double them up in order to get anything decent. Also, this project was a nice distraction from daily life. I was able to focus on something for a change, especially when I have no money to go out and be social!

Also something new I'm trying out, is embroidering a little "tag" on the garment for several reasons: I would first of all, like to get away from writing my name on things that I work on- I want a symbol, ala my favorite artist, Toulouse-Lautrec! Second of all, it helps identify the back on things like this, and thirdly... well, the symbol reminds me of $$$ and I'm hoping seeing it reminds me to let that sort of thing into my life from all my hard work (I can't help it if I'm superstitious!)


  1. 'Tis so pretty! I love the color. I always make mine in neutrals, like white and black so they go with everything, but this is just darling!

    Only why did you go with such a light weight tulle? I would've gone for something heavier so that it lasted longer and had more 'puff' to it as it were.

    1. I originally wanted to go with the standard white but the fabric store I went to didn't have a promo on lining! (you can't argue with 1$ p/y!).

      As for the tulle, I absolutely agree that a heavier tulle would have been ideal but economically speaking, I was looking at a 7$ difference between this regular tulle and the heavier (and yes, more beautiful!) tulle. The thicker tulle had beautiful sequence pulled through it- I think it would have been so much fun! But I figure, with this particular design, I can always pull together the scraps I have left of the material and sew in another tier when it starts to deflate.

  2. It looks amazing Bee! The pictures are stunning, and I love how the trimmings look like they're floating xD

    What a great idea on your symbol tag! I can already see it being well associated with you ^.^

    1. Thanks so much, Christine! The Baby design looked similar from their site pictures and I thought it would be so nice to have the seams bound up instead of scratching my legs!

      And yey for the tag! I've been looking for a symbol like that to use for ages! I hate signing my last name on things.