Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Favorite Blogs of the Moment.

For the long commute back and forth to work I have a lovely little RSS feeder installed in my phone. It's awesome because it caches entire posts (including pictures) so while I'm in the tunnels here in SF, I have something to read when the signal cuts out! Regardless of all that, here are the blogs I'm loving right now.

I discovered this blog while trying to figure out how to do a FBA on a pattern top and I absolutely love it. The things she sews and her articles are all extremely interesting and I'm really looking forward to her book coming out in September! Maybe it'll be a birthday present to myself? Also, learning couture sewing techniques will be great if I ever make a Chanel-style jacket! Gotta learn how to quilt a lining!

I think I found this blog looking for images for a report but damn- absolutely love it. The blog owner is a self published historical fiction author and major history buff. I particularly love the posts about random people in history that you may not have known about. The paintings and historical research is absolutely luscious and the posts about costumes and garments are amazing. And a huge Versailles lover-- how can I not adore that?

This blog always has such great fashion eye-candy! A couple semesters ago one of my teachers recommended her fashion site and it's really fun to see all the great posts Jane Aldridge posts about her style, travels, and purchases. I would only wear maybe half of what she does, but I think her posts are fun. I laughed aloud the other day when I was reading an issue of 7x7 and saw Jane as the model for a Barney's New York ad! 

Etsy featured a scarf by Leah Goren in one of their articles and I was intrigued enough by the beautiful textile to look into the artist. The blog is actually a combination of both Leah and her husband(?)/boyfriend Dylan and their life together. The posts are always picture filled and beautiful. It's very inspirational! I wish my boyfriend would want to blog with me!

To be honest, I completely forget how I stumbled on this blog! But it's so fun! The owner lives here in the Bay Area and the cartoons are absolutely hilarious! As a cat lady deprived of a cat, I live vicariously through the different little comic strips she posts. Anyone I show them to always laugh! One of these days when I have a little extra cash, I want to get one of her tote bags to cart all my art supplies in. Probably this one.

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