Monday, May 13, 2013

Suppleness of Color and Accessories.

I'm so happy the semester is nearly over. I didn't do as many fashion illustrations as I had expected, but at least I somewhat still have my touch. 

Recently I decided to start pursuing my interest in Dolly Kei fashion which I've been a fan of for some time... but it adds to my FRUMPY-ness. Unless I do it right. As one of my fashionable acquaintances (ikillbarbies) said... "you all ready sorta dress like that- you just need more stuff for your stuff!" I think she's right- I just need more stuff for my stuff.

And by stuff for my stuff, that means more necklaces, hats and hair pieces, printed unique tights and leggings, and miscellaneous pieces like brooches, wallets, purses, etc. I all ready dress in the color scheme most of the time... this isn't a stretch. But I agree, more stuff for my stuff. 

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