Friday, March 15, 2013

Under the Weather and Comforts

  • Being back at school has actually been a great thing. I've missed the structure, missed having things to do that aren't necessarily related to my day-to-day tasks. I know a lot of people don't miss going to college classes, but sometimes they can be a salvation. Having a book to read, an essay to write, or being forced to think outside of the box-- it is helping me a lot right now, especially since this past month has been the most stressful of my entire life. Ergonomics class is actually really challenging...
  • My iPad is great! It's lovely having something to be able to help me with my school work. I've uploaded my textbooks onto it so I can read while on public transport-- though I'm sure it makes me look like a crazy woman whenever the muni doors open- looking around all crazy. I will take only minor, acceptable risks, but I don't want to be mugged. Regardless, I bought a 5$, cheapie stylus to start playing with drawing apps... only to lose it the following day. Remind me to only use cheap styluses instead of investing in a nice Wacom one. I'm surprised my handwriting with the tip of my finger isn't completely illegible. 
  • I haven't sewn in a long time-- it's actually really depressing. The last thing I made was my iPad case... and that was just because I needed to be able to take it around with me the day I bought it. BUT, I was able to use a BEAUTIFUL Liberty of London fabric: Spring 2012 Picardie, designed by Phil Kim-- and based on the inspiration of A Clockwork Orange. My first time working with Liberty-- and it was amazing. I was able to score a fat quarter amount from Etsy and it was a dream to work with... I can't wait to incorporate more of this iconic fabric into my life! But besides all that, I'm actually in dire straights: I need new clothes but haven't been sewing a damn thing. I'm hoping to start changing that next week. 

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