Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dining About Town. Or Places I Would LIKE to Eat.

So as part of my Eating Well 2013 New Year resolution, I'm determined to hit up at least one of the restaurants in the Dine About Town line up for the winter season-- MAYBE two. Now, I've been seeing this event be brought up for the past year in random ads and bus-sides, but this is the first time I've actually investigated and have been all in. Hopefully I can make it by the last day!

Here are a few of the options that I would want to check out!

The Cliff House

The menu is all things I wouldn't normally try, but that's exactly why I want to go and check this place out! Duck meatballs? Flounder? Brown butter cake?! And the views must be absolutely amazing from the restaurant. I've actually walked around outside on the beach, but haven't gotten a chance to really enjoy a full dinner experience from the terrace. And, to be honest, if I'm going for lunch by my lonesome, I still think I'd have a really great experience just looking outside, relaxing.

Cafe Tiramisu

I walk by this place all the time on my way to work or to check the post office--- I think this place would be perfect on a day when I get out of work early for lunch. The atmosphere! The little alley it's in! It's so cute! Orecchiette? What's that? I would love to try it! Or a risotto that is made by professionals-- not me, messing around in my kitchen! Seared salmon and a tiramisu with espresso to finish it off? Ah, it honestly makes me hungry writing this post.


Californian food? Asian Fusion? What does that even mean? Well, looking at the menu, I was honestly surprised just how "Californian" it was. BUT-- I've never eaten at a place at the Embarcadero and I'm utterly intrigued! I'm in love with calamari but I think I'd really like to try the Duck Confit Spring Rolls which on reading Yelp, are delicious! Also, the Chicken Roulade seems decadent. And last but not least, who can say no to creme brûlée?

Overall, I'm absolutely excited for this event. Financials aside, if I could eat at every single one of the restaurants, I totally would. But, to at least squeeze in a couple of them, I'll probably just swing a couple of the lunches. Which, truth be told, are sometimes the same as the dinner menus! Still, though, I really think it'd be a fun and super fancy experience.

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