Wednesday, January 16, 2013

All a Girl Needs is a Bolt of Expensive Fabric.

New year means new fabrics at Liberty of London and I'm absolutely in LOVE! When I saw their Twitter feed had posted an image of them screen printing a new fabric, I just about jumped for joy. I'm determined to have several garments this year made with beautiful and supple Liberty fabric! 

And to be honest, I wasn't all in on their Fall/Winter collection (…I didn't post about it here)- so this is a great breath of fresh air. The lively colors, the garments that pop up in my head… It really just disappoints me that Britex doesn't carry their most up-to-date line, only the classics. Which is fine, but not up-to-date. I would pay their overpriced yardage if it were up to date. In the meantime, I really have to find some good sources online--  most of the places I've seen ship from the UK… and even with shipping, it's cheaper than Britex (wtf.)

Richard and Lyla C Tana Lawn

Guerrilla gardening-- what a cute whiter color representation! I actually really like it for a shirtwaist dress or even some sort of romper. Though on the topic of rompers, I had one and promptly changed it into a skirt… so maybe not a romper. But some sort of flimsy something for the "summer" (Autumn on the calendar, for SF!)

Hugo Grenville C Tana Lawn

I can actually see this as a midsummer lolita dress, in a country or classical style. A simple JSK with a square neckline and box pleated skirt, little to no trim. And the accessories could make it DANCE! Lots of flowers in the hair, cute tan heels, knitted cardigan. It'd be a great dress for the ward robe. Maybe would need to be underlined to give it a little more body.

Beth's Flowers C Tana Lawn

I was really torn as to which color scheme I liked for this design but I think this would be a great rectangle skirt for day to day. With a matching belt? It's spunky and modern and knowing the hand of the fabric, would just swoosh beautifully. Dress it up in a full lolita coordinate for the 4th of July. Dress it down with a mustard cardigan, mustard flats, and brown blouse. 

Oceanid D Tana Lawn

This print is super relevant to my interests! I can imagine it as part of a JSK where the bottom skirt is pleated, and the bodice of the JSK is a solid grey or white or black- two toned. It's so very classic! I love how it looks like a charcoal drawing (probably is!)

Irma D Tana Lawn

How lovely is this? I think maybe I would want it in something other than Tana Lawn, to use it as a lining pattern for a light coat or something. Maybe for the inside of a bag--- or for small clutch bags for the inside of a purse or lingerie drawer. It's a very delicate design for sure!

Abbey Pool B Tana Lawn

I kind of want this for The Boy. This would make a GREAT Hawaiian inspired shirt. It actually makes me smile just looking at it--- he'd look adorable!  It fits his personality and with a rocking Hawaiian top, we could go on a mini trip together <3!

I've been following the Liberty of London Twitter feed and I'm really glad I have been-- they really post some nice things! Their blog recently wrote a post about the inspirations for each of this season's fabrics and it really makes me even more excited to see these prints up close. One of the blogs I've recently started following, top notch, has a Liberty of London fabric scrapbook and I would love to do something similar; it'd be a great lifetime collection. And if my dream comes true of working for them, I think my scrapbook would explode!

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