Monday, January 14, 2013

2013 Project Ideas

Ah, so much sewing and knitting and so little time!

I've been keeping an eye on pattern websites like a hawk-- any time something is updated, I rush over to see what the Big 4 (+BurdaStyle) have released... and don't even get me started on Ravelry!

I think that for 2013, I'll be trying to make myself a new garment every couple weeks- I want to aim for 2 a month. After vowing to NEVER BUY A PAIR OF JEANS AGAIN, EVER-- I need to really revitalize my wardrobe- otherwise I'll wear out what I have left pretty quickly. My mother disagrees with my philosophy overall, though. She says jeans don't lie and are a surefire way to keep track of my weight.

Regardless of all that, I'm happy to say that I'm happy with most of my closet-- I've been thinning it out and have a huge pile of things that need to be donated or sold. Making my own clothes, though? That will keep it curated and me happy. Besides, I'm frankly starting to get bored of things and need new pieces.

Here are a few patterns that look really nice and I HOPE I can make, time allowing. You can follow my Pinterest board with all my sewing ideas, though!

BurdaStyle Princess Sheath 01-2013 #107
How beautiful is this?! This dress would most certainly require getting my FBA down using princess seams, but why not? It'd be a challenge and I'm sure the toile stage will be a long one. But it's so classy and beautiful! I would love a version in pink like the model--- but a dark, heathered grey wool? The color scheme might even blend in nicely here in SF.

BurdaStyle Side Panel Dress 01-2013 #102A
Definitely not my normal style dress, but I think I could make it work. Most RTW in this style don't fit me AT ALL--- but if I'm making it myself- it could be a complete difference. I would raise the waist line to fit my natural waist--- rather than my high hips (as is usually the case :/ )-- and maybe flare it out a bit more for the hips as well. Plus being able to make my own waist tie in proportion to my actual waist? Perfect idea. I think this dress would look great in Pantone's Grayed Jade-- very seasonal.

Butterick B5814

I love how this would be absolutely PERFECT for Valentine's Day! Yes, it might be the sample colors, but damn it, it's the truth! I've never worked with boning so it'd definitely be a learning experience-- but I can imagine making this in red or black and it looking absolutely sexy and stunning. Here in the city I would most certainly need a great cape to match it, too. But I can totally picture myself in something as sultry!

McCall's M5525
A lot of the designs on this particular pattern are great... but I actually only really want the traditional trenchcoat design-- how bratty is that?! The yellow one is also kind of nice-- the neckline is lovely. But frankly, I've wanted a traditional trench for YEARS. I've never owned one-- and as much as I want the tried and true Burberry--- right now I can only dream! There are some really great ones out there--- the one I would LOVE from Burberry is trimmed in leather. I'm sure I can arrange that in my own handmade version...! Somehow, making it myself, and possibly spending 80$+ on materials--- I'm happy with it. The possibilities are more rewarding, I feel. 

Anthropologie Ascot Bow Scarf
78$? Anthropologie, you must be trippin'!! I checked out this scarf in person, and the real-life version is most certainly not that rewarding. The scarf was very scratching and not particular warm and cuddly... Wool and acrylic? Really? I know it can help the bow keep its shape, but I wouldn't pay 80$ for something as uncomfortable. I can't imagine this scarf needing more than 300 yards. I'm thinking of an alpaca, cotton blend with a sturdy hand--- and in this color. The stitching is super simple, too, so I know I could finish it quickly. The bow itself needs some wrangling, though, and some good clasps to keep it together. Momentary engineering feat, of course, but otherwise, a great rewarding project that I know would work with SO MANY of my outfits. It fits right in and I'd look great in it!

Overall, I'm really looking forward to all the great ideas floating in my mind for 2013. My skills have developed so much over this past year-- I'm actually really proud of what I've learned in 2012. I honestly can't wait to be a better seamstress next year. Who knows all the new skills I'm going to learn?

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