Friday, December 14, 2012

Yes, Yukatas are Cute.

SF Cherry Blossom Festival? It's still 4+ months away. For the last two years, though, I've been lamenting how much I would like to make a yukata to wear for the festival! 

I'm not normally into such traditional clothing, but I've always wanted a kimono and yukata. I'm well aware that I would really never have a need for it besides "just for funsies"-- but damn it, this will be the year! 

I promised myself that I would make one and I'm determined to start thinking about the look I'm going for and sourcing fabric. How hard could it be? Well, I'm sure quite hard if I don't find a decent pattern or tutorial... And yes, I will wear the little shoes and all!

Browsing Spoonflower, I've decided a few things about the fabric: I want unconventional, beautiful, happy fabric that I could use for multiple seasons. Also, I'm VERY MUCH looking forward to mixing and matching different prints... I imagine it to be nothing but fun!

Cassie's Coral Roses by twobloom
Texas Modern Crop Squares Coral by jacinda

cestlaviv red ball by c'est la viv

Overall, I'm kind of on the fence about the sort of sewing pattern I would like to use to make it. On one hand, the shapes are simple and straight forward on a yukata-- I could probably draft my own and just go with it. On the other hand, A LOT of things could go horrendously wrong and maybe I should just invest in a traditional pattern. I'm not sure... but I'll figure it out. 

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