Friday, December 28, 2012

Romantic Looks with just a Touch of Cruelty.

I'm not going to lie-- I love Chanel. No, I don't care for the uber-fashionistas and the people who wear it as only a status symbol (don't get me started!). I really just love the couture sewing and the tradition that goes into it- I'm such a sucker for technique!

Here are a few of my favorites from the Chanel Pre-Fall 2013 (all images from

I maybe wouldn't wear the particular cut of the jacket-- but I really like the trim and color combination. Maybe if the suit were more "square" on the bottom hem it'd be a bit more Me... Still, though, it really fits the collection's Scottish influence. Even though there's no tartan on the coat, the trim really fools the eye into thinking that.

The paned slops portion is pushing it a little bit-- but in all honesty I am in absolute love with the rich textures in the entire look! Even the tights look as if they could be textured. The jacket might be over the top by just a little bit-- but I think the design could be "toned down" for a street-wear look. I like the peplum and "caplet" feel of the shoulders, too.

I really wonder where the blouse influence came from... Regardless of that, just looking at it makes me feel warm and comfortable. I think the broach and belt were a great touch. There's also something really interesting happening in the skirt/slops portion-- I can't tell if there are extra panels in there or not!

What a fabulous jacket! The boucle pattern is great for fall and for the winter without looking too Christmas. I think if the black portions had been gold, it'd be a different story... Regardless, it also reminds me of something Vivienne Westwood would have designed, with texture. The little fur wrist cuffs are kind of cute, too.  

How amazing is this coat!? The boucle looks absolutely luscious and I'm sure the picture doesn't do justice to how it feels against the skin. I really can't wait to see close up pictures of it (hurry and update, Chanel iPhone app!)-- because it looks stunning. Taking out the (cute and fun) shoulder pads, I think it could be worked into a day-to-day jacket. I think placement of the horizontal trim stripes would also be important to the height of the wearer.

The video below is an interview with Karl Lagerfeld about the collection-- a few of the looks I posted about are modeled in there, too. 

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