Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Little Lipstick Never Hurt Anybody

So soon for a rant post? Not even!

While browsing the beautiful interwebs, I've come to a conclusion about the majority of vintage sewing pattern posts I've seen: I'm vastly disappointed in people not living some of those outfits up!

Now, I will attest that when it comes to taking pictures in a semi-completed toile, there's no need for fancy and flare to take a picture that merely shows that "hey- the pattern is boxy and needs taking in here-and-here.". But when the outfit is done? Take it up a notch! Wear that vintage dress like it's intended!

Maybe it's just my feelings about dressing up and being womanly in that way... maybe Dita has just rubbed off on me. Who knows. BUT:

(originally from an ad about deodorant!)
OK, I know it's politically incorrect, but I will admit that's how I (generally) feel about these sorts of things. Now, I'm aware that some people don't have the time, money, patience, or all of the aforementioned abilities to make that vintage dress POP. But if you're taking the time to recreate such an amazing garment, you have to put in the effort for you to look amazing in it, too!

This is something that is brought up constantly in the lolita circles: if you're going to own a 400$ dress, you have better do more than just wash your hair and put on some lipgloss to make that dress shine. The dress isn't what makes you a lolita- it's everything that goes along with it.

Now, I was debating using some poor unfortunate woman or girl's photo to illustrate my point... but that's not really what this rant is about. I'm not trying to attack anybody- I'm trying to stress the point that you should always try and look your best if you are putting yourself out there to shine!

Take this Vintage Vogue pattern, V8686:

It's a VERY classic style and the illustration is absolutely gorgeous. But if left in the hands of someone who may not want to style themselves properly to fit it? It could be disastrous! I'm not against "wearing your own thing, your own way"- but it could have so much potential!

A great fascinator hat- pearl necklace- t-strap shoes- full hair and makeup- little gloves and some bright red lipstick? Sounds fabulous! Heck, even the model in the Vogue Patterns site looks quite nice! (I probably would not have picked that brown/green color, but hey!) 

In the mean time, though, I'm sure I will have to continue to appreciate some seamstresses' amazing stitch work--- but try and block out their lack of attempt at making the outfit work as a cohesive style piece. Honorable mention to Sew Weekly, though. Most of those ladies really take these pieces and run! (I particularly always love Mena's and Loran's amazing frocks!)

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