Friday, November 23, 2012

Completed Project: Falling into Autumn Dress

Finally. It's finally done!

How horrendous of me to be thinking as I'm finishing up sewing on the last button... "I can't wait to start a different dress. I'm so over this." I really didn't expect to be so frustrated!

The outside of the dress looks (mostly) great! The inside, not so much... I think I've just accepted the fact that if I want to continue to have fully lined dresses, I will need to become faster at handsewing. No more machine-sewn lining.

Fitting issues? Yes, slightly. First of all, it was my first time working with a princess seam. The bow really hides the puckering of the center front panel- the panel was slightly too long. I was able to at least (sort of successfully?) do a FBA on it, which I'm happy about.

Sewing the sweet heart neckline was more tricky, though. I had to rip apart that entire seam multiple times between not sewing a perfect point and because of the lace.

Overall, I give this dress a 6.5 out of 10. It looks decent on the outside, but all the problems on the inside are embarrassing. I expect better from myself! I've received nothing but great remarks about it sans from The Boy, who looked at me in it and was frank and honest: "I can tell you didn't like this dress-- you didn't go all out in the details like you do for the dresses you like." The pattern wasn't bad per se... but I think never having done some of the big techniques required of it made it more difficult than it should have been. Fitting issues aside, I suppose. I think the quality of the materials is what really made this more of an acceptable dress than not.

I at least want to buy a pill box hat to match the dress... I have no accessories for it and if I want to justify the headache + the price, I need something that works with it. I'm thinking something like this hat here. I also don't have a shawl/sweater/scarf/wrap/jacket that works with it so that's probably something else I have to think about.

Would I try this dress again? Perhaps. In a more modified way: by using a sweet heart neckline pattern in English and and then combining it with a rectangle skirt as normal.

Date Started: September 14
Date Finished: November 23
Fabric: 2y gold/white gold fabric, 1y French Roast chiffon, 2y gold lining
Pattern: Innocent World pattern in Gothic Lolita Bible #42
Notions: Imported Italian lace, 5 polished shell buttons, pink and white braided cord
Time to complete: Way too long. It just wouldn't stop.
First Worn: Thanksgiving 2012
Wear Again?: Yes, but only because I spent so long on it!
Total Price: 70$+

Next up are some separates including work skirts and Colette Pattern's Violet which would look lovely for lolita and then for day to day wear in a great Liberty of London print fabric (yes, I know it'd be an 80$ top-- but if it fits perfectly, totally worth it!)

For a full JSK dress, I want to do a white/blue dress for Christmas. Maybe something with a little white faux-fur trim... decadent!

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