Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Sardines are Delicious and RED.

So I finally got it together and was able to use my La Sardina camera to good effect. After a lot of drama-llama bullshit, I ruined two rolls of film because I wasn't turning the camera lens enough to snap the pictures. You can imagine my frustration when I went to pick up my film and they told me there was nothing on it!

Anyway, I used the Redscale film Lomography sells and I really liked it... I don't think I would want to use film like this very often, but I think it was fun and interesting. If I had a bigger aperture on the camera, it would have probably made the pictures brighter and more blue/green, but for an f8, not bad.

If you'd like to see the rest of my test roll, bounce on over to my Flickr and see!

I've just popped in a roll of black and white film into my camera to use next-- I absolutely love having such a candid toy with me. It's very low pressure... if the picture turns out, it turns out, but if it doesn't, it still looks super cool. There were only a few really terrible shots and that was only because there wasn't enough light.

Anyway, I'm all ready looking forward to sending out some of these pictures to friends and family. It gives me a good reason to send out some snail mail. I know I'm always really excited when I get a little random note and I think everyone I know would be surprised and appreciate it.

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