Thursday, March 29, 2012

Swigglies and Wigglies and All Sorts of Circles.

I had a moment of clarity yesterday that I really need to get on working on my personal collections + portfolio, like... ASAP. Between school things picking up and work taking a crazy turn for me, I just feel like I need to get on it and start producing things at home. I can do this, I can do this, I can do this.

My goal right now for my portfolio is to create a Spring/Summer 2012 textile collection, due by May 1 (holding myself accountable!) My inspiration is a mixture of Polish pottery as well as Pysany eggs.

I love how bright and geometric everything is! I think they're all very charming and I can't wait to explore these designs and their history!

I've all ready started practicing some of the motifs and drawing some designs.

I probably don't have to watermark... but I figure that maybe I should start getting into the habit. Don't know. Maybe!

My plan of attack is as follows: 

  • Look at more pots and more eggs. Haha- yes.
  • Draw some more thumbnails
  • Finalize said thumbnails
  • Make 10x10in paintings of each pattern (watercolor, gauche, marker? Hmph...)
  • Get my printing on 
I think I just need to approach this a little more professionally than I have been lately, but I'm confident I can get it together. For a spring/summer collection I'll be looking into linen and light polyesters and ahhhh- I can't wait to get started! Considering how I'm practicing croquis drawings right now, I might be able to do some rendering for how I would like each print used-- and who knows, maybe I can do something with the prints? Don't know. We'll see. 

When it comes down to it, I'm just happy to get started. 


  1. So inspiring *~* I'm so excited for you that you're energized to pursue you're work >~<

    I've been right along the same feeling with myself and maybe I should follow in the same inspiration :3

    I have been taking some other steps to guide myself in that direction, but being accountable to making some pieces would be admirable xD

    Let's hold each other to it--I'm certainly holding you to it and can't wait to see your work! :D

  2. Thank you very much for the encouragement!

    I think finding yourself accountable is a big deal. It reminds me of school and due-dates and things like that. I can't say I work well without that sort of structure. I just need that sort of thing telling me "get it finished and done!"-- when left to my own devices, I end up just wasting time. Hopefully that sort of mentality helps you as well!