Monday, April 2, 2012

Review: March Products

This month was just spent using up things in my cupboard as well as running through some of the samples I had! Hopefully during April I can start incorporating a few new items and finally get rid of the catastrophe of the Aveeno "positively radiant" cleanser. Eh.

Jergens Natural Glow + Banana Boat Sunless Summer Color
The Jergens brand was great. The Banana Boat brand is eh. I've had both tubes of sunless tanning lotions for quite a while and was frankly sick and tired of seeing them in my bathroom. Then it finally hit me... "USE THEM!"-- especially when it's so gloomy here in San Francisco right now. The Jergens brand was great--- applied well, no streaking, natural color. The Banana Boat lotion left me orange with terrible streaking, no matter how much I tried to buff it into my legs. I actually had to stop using the Banana Boat lotion for a week to get the orange to tone itself down, as I was using it three times a week and my legs looked nasty. The smells were similar, but the Jergens brand was a lot more toned down. Will definitely rebuy when I finish up the Banana Boat tube... and after my legs get all pale and sickly looking again, which is motivation enough!

The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Toner
I had been using this as the "step two" to the nasty Aveeno facial cleanser I bought last month. I would use this to remove all the excess makeup that shitty cleanser would leave on my face and it worked. Except for the fact that even though its advertised as alcohol-free... it still dries your face out like woah. Honestly, it's an OK product (for someone who might have oily skin...??)- but I wouldn't rebuy. When I was using my Sephora Foam Facial Cleanser, I didn't need this toner so it was pushed to the back of the cupboard. But if you're using a shitty cleanser as I am right now, this at least gave a little bit of extra cleaning action. It's not my favorite, though. And frankly, none of the skin care products from The Body Shop have impressed me at all except for maybe the intensive hand creams.

The Sacred Truth Lush Fresh Face Mask
I got this as a sample because FOR THE SECOND TIME when I went into the shop, the Oatifix mask was sold out! This product is normally advertised as an anti-aging face mask but the sales associate who gave it to me said it's still very refreshing for someone with redness like I have. The smell doesn't bother me at all but I won't say that it's particularly pleasant. It rinses off great and surprisingly doesn't leave any sort of film or nasty coating over my skin- nor does it over-dry in any way for me. Does my face feel improved, soothed, happy? Happier than before! I still don't feel that this is the face mask I would like to use long term, but I really have no problem with this mask. I've been following the routine of exfoliating, wearing the mask for 10+ minutes, then putting on the Skin Drink face lotion afterwards and I will say that my makeup just glides on and looks amazing after using the mask. Not bad.

Clinique Acne Solutions Spot Healing Gel
Got this as a sample and it is about to run out... and I'm devastated! It's an amazing acne spot gel and I will immediately run out to buy this as soon as its officially all gone. The sample size was .17 fl oz and it has lasted me MONTHS-- I can't even imagine how long the 15$ bottle will last me. Just a tiny dab on a zit... or even the beginnings of a zit, and it stops it in its tracks! For someone like me that doesn't really have aggressive acne but the occasional annoying one here or there, this was perfect. Reduces redness immediately and within a few hours, the pimple is nearly gone. Works great under or on top of makeup and while it dries the spot, it doesn't excessively zap the moisture from your skin. I haven't had great luck personally with most of Clinique (except my boyfriend- the acne solutions line works amazingly on him)--- I highly recommend this product!

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