Thursday, April 5, 2012

Icy Lemon Bread.

Spring Break is next week and it's not really much of a break. I'll still be working, but will get 2 days off right before the weekend which I'm looking forward to. Right now, I'm kind of over my head with all the projects I'm in the middle of... I want to work on them all, and not work on them, all at once! How weird is that? I think taking the approach of timeliness + how far along each project is to completion is probably the best plan of attack.

Also, looking forward to Sunday. I'm not Christian, so Easter isn't a thing for me. But the Hunky Jesus competition is so San Francisco and I'm looking forward to checking it out!

And yey for reviving my Poupee Girl account which my boyfriend regards as "Poop-y Girl" and my ultimate time waster (true, it's worse than Pinterest for me.) I think it'd be fun to use it to categorize all the random stuff I own, starting with my makeup and nail polish obsession. Judge me all you want, I love cute shit like this.

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