Saturday, January 28, 2012

Review: Stylemint

After ordering twice off of I finally feel ready to talk a little bit about my experiences with the t-shirt subscription service. I will preface the entire review by saying that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen being some of the people involved with the process wasn't a big selling point for me. I admire what they've done for fashion, but I'm not someone who follows what they do as it's not necessarily my style... but that doesn't stop me from appreciating them!

Either way, a quick rundown of Stylemint is that it's at its core a subscription service. Every month you get charged 29.99 and can pick anything from that month's new selection of t-shirts. If you don't see something you like, you can opt out for that month and you don't get charged. If you forget to opt out for the month, you get charged and credit is added to your account in case you see something for the following month.

So to get right down to it... I'm very pleased with my experience!

My first order was for the t-shirt named Wilshire which is a baggy, scoop top with rouched 3/4 sleeves.

As it was my first order, I really had to wing it in terms of size and decided to go with a size 3. For the relaxed style, it wasn't a bad choice. The top is a comfy pima cotton/ micro modal blend and semi sheer... but it's perfect for layering. The fabric is ridiculously soft and feels amazing on the skin. I've worn it several times and will say that for someone like me that doesn't really wear t-shirts in general, I feel amazing in it. It doesn't hug me in any way I don't like and I was ridiculously amazed that it didn't cling unflatteringly on my tummy which is a big reason I don't wear t-shirts in the first place!

My second order was for the t-shirt named Georgia which is a more traditionally cut women's t-shirt with floral pattern.

I was originally very hesitant about this top because of how much of a traditional t-shirt it is and frankly, the style never fits me right. You can imagine how happy and surprised I was slipped on this top and found it to look amazing on me! Another pima cotton/micro modal blend that feels great on the skin, isn't sheer, and it just fits. I ordered a size 2 for this top and will more than likely stick with this size from now on. I love how comfortably it tucks into my pencil skirts and adds a romantic touch with the pattern. Very very happy!

In general, I will say the shipping is a little lacking. Once the order is processed, it doesn't take very long to arrive (3-4 days), but while the order is processing, it takes forever! My order for the Georgia top took over a week to ship out; I know Etsy sellers who send their items out faster. BUT I plan on keeping my subscription going and really like looking forward to another cute top in the mail. And if next month's selections aren't really my style, I'm going with the Bleeker in pink or green, or the Broadway in blue.

For someone like me that really hates t-shirts in general, I'm glad I've found a website that is more me and I'm not ashamed to wear out! Anyone who knows me knows that me in jeans-and-a-t-shirt in public is not a happy Bee and with these, I feel GREAT. I highly recommend the website!

If you're hesitant about paying 30$ for a t-shirt, I really have to ask you to reconsider. The fabric blend is ridiculously well made and while very light, is great quality. Besides, you can't really rock that 6$ Old Navy top for more than a few months without it falling apart and fading all over the place. Quality over quantity!

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