Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wishlist: Spring 2012

Want want want.

There, I said it. I relinquish feelings of guilt over wanting beautiful things and products and gah. It's almost guaranteed that I'm going to feel guilty and just bad about wanting wonderful things, but as of this point, even if I never go about acquiring anything on this list, I can dream.

Nail polishes are all from OPI's Holland collection. The blue is called I Have a Herring Problem which will look beautiful in my collection of polishes. Turns out I have absolutely no blues in my selection and I have to start remedying that! From all the swatches I've seen, it looks like sea blue/green with some subtle copper/gold-ish shimmer. I like how it isn't ridiculously flashy but it's also still more complex than a straight blue.

The middle polish is Did you 'Ear about Van Gogh? -- and how cute is that name? I am looking forward to having manikin hands every once in a while this season-- I'm not ashamed! I like how it's so subtle but so pretty in all the swatches. I have similar shades in my collection but they're all quite terrible: all of them dry with absolutely no opacity. To even get anywhere near any coverage takes 4+ coats and I'm sick of it! Time to get something from a brand I love which I'm sure will get the job done!

Then lastly, A Roll in the Hauge which is basically OPI's Tangerine Tango! I have a similar color in Essie's Brazilliant... but not really. I don't like how Brazilliant dries to a matte-shimmer hybrid with hints of blue while still being absolutely FLAT. All the swatches I've seen of A Roll in the Hauge tells me the polish is right up my alley and dries with glossy finish.

The rest of my selections are from MAC which I'm absolutely obsessed with! Everything I chose is from the Shop, Shop, Shop. Cook, Cook, Cook (S3/C3) collection which is so fun and a great way to kick off the spring colors. I will preface the entire thing with saying that the collection comes out in 2 weeks and there are few, IF ANY, swatches of this out and about. I'm making my Wish List decisions based off product images alone. And also, because I'm lazy and I typed out all my reasoning at Specktra, I'm just copying and pasting what I wrote there!

Call Me Bubbles quad
A lot of orange hues but when I finally (?!!) buy Urban Decay's Naked 2 palette, it'd be fun to use the two in conjunction with one another. Plus Fresh Daily is close enough to Tangerine Tango that I'd be using this color all year long for sure. I also don't have anything like Brash or Full of Flavour in my collection which I know I'll use.

Watch Me Simmer lipstick
I have nothing like this in my collection and I think it's a nice toned down coral/orange-yyyy thing less so than some of the ones in Iris Apsel for MAC collection. I love bright lips but my lipstick drawer is lacking practicality!

Florida cremeblend blush
(Hahaaa- I'm sensing a theme here!) I have nothing but pinks and a couple brozers for blushes and this cremeblend just screams spring and summer to me! I think I'd probably have to have a really light hand on this blush but it'd be so fun play with this! I also love using my blushes as e/s and I think this is so vibrant and yummy.

Am I totally embracing this Tangerine Tango? Oh yes-- deliciously so. After writing that post about it a while back, I'm honestly looking forward to it adding some excitement to the dreary, foggy, San Francisco days that are to come. Yes, it might be raining out, but I'll be rocking orange shades and loving every minute of it.

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