Monday, May 7, 2012

Big Sewing Post: Summer Plans.

Alright, so when it comes to sewing, here are my plans for a little while. Now, I'm well aware that these are all brand images sans the randomly placed sewing patterns. But that's just because I'd like to make similar items to what I post because I like them. I'm a stitcher and a pattern maker-- but a designer? I ain't kidding myself...!!


I think this New Look 6457 pattern above would be perfect for the bodices of the two Innocent World dresses I posted. Version A is used in so many lolita dresses so I can see myself being best friends with that bodice... Version E seems like it'd be super comfy, too. Versions C and D seem like fun and I think I'd just make them as "normal" dresses to use for warm days here in SF, not necessarily lolita. On all of these, I'd just swap out the skirt pieces for a gathered rectangle skirt.

Never mind the ruffles on the coral dress-- but both the blue and gingham dresses have a boat neck bodice that I think would look fabulous with some lace as in the above pictured Baby the Stars Shine Bright dress. Again, I'll just be taking the bodice piece and attaching it to a gathered rectangle skirt. I also would like to make the blue and gingham dresses as they are with a sturdy twill fabric so eventually I can make myself a Chanel-style jacket to match!

This pattern would be cute with the dress on the left (black, white, pink) on its own, but I think the above lolita dresses could be made with an adapted bodice piece. Maybe made a little longer so it's not so... empire-waisted. 

So either way, these are some of the things I'd like to work on during the summer with both my own textile prints (news on that soon, I promise!) as well as purchased fabric. Considering I absolutely adore Liberty of London prints, here are some of my favorites that would look amazing on the dresses I'm planning on making. 

Obviously, not all are conventional lolita-style prints, but I think in terms of versatility for day-to-day, I certainly don't want all floral prints or cupcake prints. I mean, really, I need practical dresses, especially if I plan to wear them regularly! Also, Liberty of London is out of the scope of what I can normally afford for fabric:  ~40$ a yard. But, I think with saving and dedication I can build a nice wardrobe of handmade dresses in these amazing fabrics. Saving as well as making sure my patterns are as fitted and perfect as I can make them... plus fully lined. I think the last two tasks will be more than enough to keep me occupied when I try and source my fabrics. 

Besides, when it comes down to it, I'd much rather drop money on fabric for a dress that fits... than a brand dress that is just as expensive but that won't fit. 

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