Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Vera Neumann Makes Me Grin!

Ah, MAC does it again! The fabulous cosmetic company once again introduced me to an entire world of textile design that I didn't know about! First, Liberty of London which I didn't even know existed, and now Vera Neumann. "Vera" was an artist who designed beautiful scarves, linens, and a host of other things and I'm frankly very excited to have been introduced to her work!

The collection for MAC is supposed to be released mid-February and for all intents and purposes, I'm not necessarily interested in it... (haaaa- that's what I say until I see swatches!) Still, though, I found the discovery of Vera a real gem and wanted to go ahead and post some of the beautiful prints and textile works she made in her lifetime! It's not necessarily my style, but I'm inspired nonetheless!

This woman has a ridiculous body of work which is absolutely amazing and she handpainted designs until right before her passing. I posted some of the more demure/toned down items I loved but believe me, she definitely has some loud stuff! Now to see if I can get my hands on her textile book-- it'd make an amazing resource.


  1. I've just become interested in collecting Vera scarves myself - they're beautiful!

    1. They are absolutely beautiful! I think when I make the rounds at the thrift stores, I may start taking a look for Vera scarves. I've always wanted to incorporate them into my style, regardless of them being Vera-- and now I have an excuse!

      Thank you for commenting <3