Saturday, February 4, 2012

February Gift Guide

Carnival, Valentine's Day, a little bit of a tease of the Spring season-- so many yummy things happening in February that I've decided to put together a fun little gift-guide for the month. Now, I'm not convincing anyone that they need anything... (or do they?)- but it's just fun to browse Etsy sometimes looking at all the beautiful things that are made. If you're on the hunt for gifts this month, please try and support small businesses!

HeavenAndSmell @ Etsy
There's really not much to say but holy cow this looks delicious-- for soap! I think it'd be so awesome to lather up with this bar of Chocolate Banana Olive Oil soap. I bet it smells heavenly- hence the HeavenAndSmell shop name. This would make such a fun gift!

hellosmallworld @  Etsy
How cute is this? I browsed for Valentine's cards and this one was one of the many that came up. There were a lot of funny ones... but cute little ones like this made by Hellosmallworld made me grin. It's simple, direct, and it just makes you feel good.  

JulieAnnArt @ Etsy
 I ain't gunna lie-- I busted out laughing as soon as I stumbled on this card. The sad part is... is that it's totally true! I know plenty of people who will end up doing something like this for Valentine's Day! Not to make their day worse, but I think it'd be a great card for a little joke amongst friends. Plus the little cat by JulieAnnArt is so adorable! 

Buligaia @ Etsy

How adorable is this? While browsing for cute cupid-inspired items, I came upon this adorable owl handstitched by Buligaia. I love that he's rocking out with a cute toga and a cute little harp and has a little heart nose. I can totally picture this guy sitting on my desk with me, keeping me company on days my boyfriend is out of town or at work. He's just so cheerful!  

Davs @ Etsy
What kick-ass color! I love how it's also very thick and gloopy-- it almost feels like you can fall into it. Plus, it's just interesting to look at... very much like an ink blot test in a good way. Davs also has a really great selection of funny zombie art to giggle at.

DazzlingDezignz4U @ Etsy
Amethyst is the precious stone of February and these earrings make great use of it. While seeing Amethyst jewelry, I realized that I'm very picky about this stone because it can be made to look cheap... but these earrings most certainly do not appear that way. DazzlingDezignz4U really made them look classy.

KMCQdesigns @ Etsy
What an amazingly fun mask! I love how there are enough touches to really make it really pop-- without it getting out of control. I think it'd be so much fun wearing something like this in the warm, sticky heat of Rio or New Orleans and someday, I wish to be able to make it to an awesome event like that. The seller, KMCQdesigns, has a ton of really beautiful and delicate masks that are all gorgeous and unique-- I want each and every one!

poppyandpinecone @ Etsy
What a fun print and great way to end off the February gift guide-- not with tons of red, but with green! Looking at this Brazil print kind of makes me smile and makes me look even more forward to the Spring. PoppyandPinecone also has a ton more similar artwork listed on Etsy so if Brazil isn't your thing, I'm sure you'll be able to find a country or state that is. 

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