Tuesday, February 1, 2011

You say 'SALE!' I say, 'I'm a broke bitch.'

Its extremely easy to be bowled over by responsibilities brought on by the world and by all the people you know in your life. I personally have learned that no matter how hard I try and keep my head above water during those times, it's just difficult when it gets to the nitty gritty. In an attempt to stay on top of things, planners are bought, new notebooks, folders, pretty sparkly pens are brandished and you just hope for the best.

For me right now, after all the goal making and big talking, I'm glad to be making steps towards progress.

Renewed school focus

Besides the hefty price of each course (2,200 p/class!! yikes!), being back in the classroom is amazing... so much to the point where it makes me wonder if I really love being the perpetual student. I think the fact that I see no end in sight to my education has become somewhat overwhelming in the same way I described above. But in an attempt to root for myself: Just do it. Thanks, Nike, for the slogan.

Renewed determination to gain tarot clients

The overwhelming aspect of this is the general "meh" and shitty apathy that people like to tend to throw at me whenever I talk about my aspirations in this area. I'm doing my best to stay on top of my responsibilities to gain Prospects-- a word I don't often use to describe clients. I like Prospects more. Learned it in a business book I browsed a few days ago that's supposed to encourage me to be more persuasive when it comes to my endeavors. At least I learned something from it-- it did its job. 

Actually wanting to see my family

Laughable, I'm sure, but after 6 months of not really having interacted with my family face to face... I figure its about time. Making it happen. Yes.

Ah, I've missed randomly pieced together posts. Hooray for blogging. Here's a comic I follow that makes me laugh all the time.

  Totally recommend it.

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