Sunday, January 30, 2011

He hates honey in greek yogurt-- and it outrages me.

For the past couple weeks I've been trying to make it a point to be more positive or to see others (including situations) more positively than I'm normally used to. I've found myself stressed to an outrageous amount as the end of 2010 approached so I really think my little efforts will go a long way to helping. I just want to feel happier, healthier, and more positive on a whole bunch of different levels and frankly, every little bit counts.

In a quest for that, I've written out a huge list of all the things I want to accomplish ASAP which has led some to tell me flat out "You have a lot of goals": I don't see as a bad thing at all. I don't see it bad at all that there are a lot of benchmarks I want to attain in my "young life"-- which has surprisingly dawned on me, isn't that young at all. I'm turning 25 this year. When I have my 25th birthday party, I want to be able to toast to all the things I've made a reality in my first quarter century. Yes, so many things have been done all ready, but I want to get as much done off my list by September 6th just so I can smile at the future and ask "what's next?"

This ultimately brings up the point that I have a ton of things going on, all the time, in varying degrees of accomplishment and skill. Jack of all trades, master of none comes to mind-- the problem I've wrestled with for quite some time. Professors have actually told me its my strength and I should continue to pursue this sort of mentality... but large stock piles of various supplies and half finished projects seems like a hindrance rather than an asset. I think my Goal List is an attempt to funnel everything into a more harmoniously productive channel. And for now that channel is turned to Knitting and learning how to properly make a deliciously beautiful cowl and to strike that sort of domesticated, old-fashioned skill off my mental list of accomplishments.

Yes, I can knit! Just like I can crochet, embroider, sew, paint, draw, airbrush, read cards, cook...

Though on an off topic note, I don't know how to do domesticated things in order to become domesticated. No sort of male-pleasing mentality goes on here. I honestly just LIKE to learn these things and I don't see a problem with it at all!


  1. Knitting. I miss it a lot, but the fact that I live in Hawaii and don't have any use for the stuff I make drains out any motivation that I have for the craft. :( Although.. I should probably finish that pink and white checkered scarf I've been wanting to make and give to you for years now. :X

  2. If it's your goal to obtain a list of things that you've done or can do (however varying), then go for it. I suppose it's useful to have a ton of different skills or knowledge to fall back on at all times, rather than working for one big thing and spend your whole life on it.

    Even mastering something has severe limitations in that way.

  3. Put some black pepper in your honey and greek yogurt :o)