Saturday, January 22, 2011

OFF LIMITS parks and recreation

Today is my Monday-- after which I'll be working 6 days in a row. It all generally sucks because my job completely drains me and I'm growing to resent it for many different reasons. Its also very painful having a couple great days off and having to return to making lattes for insensitive and rude customers (and occasionally) management. Fuck my job :(

Either way, went out into the wild up here in The City and trekked through mud and trees. I actually really loved it. Two days ago Kyle and went out in search of a BBQ pit to make some steak, corn, and fried onions. We wrapped oatmeal cookies in foil and warmed them up over the fire.

Yesterday Kyle continued our adventures and went out to Haight-Ashbury, where I want to move after our lease is up at our current room. Beautiful area, interesting people, and close to the Presidio where an awesome high-end golf course is nestled in the woods. It didn't seem to have any OFF LIMITS signs which gave us enough reason to walk right in.

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