Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wishlists are Always Blog Fodder.

So I thought it would be fun to do a little wishlist for myself because... why not? I've been browsing Amazon and Etsy a lot more lately and it just seems like a fun idea. Yes, I know Christmas has come and gone, but I think these are things that I would like to have in the coming year.

WARMEN Classic Women's Gloves
  • Some Nice Gloves
Yes, yes, yes. I could knit myself some mittens and hand warmers. And I will. But I would also like something NICE. Leather gloves. With maybe some cashmere or something. Heck, maybe even some more practical gloves with the fingertips that can work on smart phones: I would never have to take off a glove to type a message, ever again! Especially when it's freezing and cold!

  • A New Perfume
The Boy gifted me a beautiful bottle of Chanel's "CHANCE" which I absolutely adore. But, maybe something new to mix it up? Fragrances are always so lovely and such a treat to wear. I actually love looking forward to it being a perfume-sorta-night. It feels so much more delicate and fun.

Antique Ring 10K Garnet Diamond Ring
  • A Beautiful Vintage Ring
These last few months I've come to the realization that I'm finally able to really embrace rings as an accessory. It's not that I've ever disliked them... but I have very clear memories of my Grandma's big, sharp rings getting caught in my hair whenever I'd play dress-up. But now, I think I'm finally ready. I don't even know what my ring size is, though, how embarrassing! I have ridiculously thin fingers, though, so that'll be a hassle.
  • Sewing Patterns
There can never be enough! Somehow, I don't think I have nearly enough patterns- contemporary, vintage reproduction, Japanese--- or let alone real vintage patterns! Granted, I've just barely started acquiring a taste for them over the past few months and an understanding of how they work. My first pattern-experience was at age 13: making a flapper dress for Halloween that turned horribly, horribly wrong. But now, I have a hunger for more! I see more possibilities in them now than I ever used to. I guess it mostly has to do with actually being able to work with the instructions now...!

Majaraja Chai Oolong Tea by Teavana
  • Tea
I really have nothing else to really add to this besides how much I enjoy drinking tea. Coffee is delicious-- but tea? So much more fun and fancy to me- so much more high class! Either way, tea samplers, fancy imported tea that needs to be steeped juuuuust right... I just have to finish drinking all the tea I have right now before I start acquiring more for my collection. 

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