Monday, December 31, 2012

2-0-1-3 Just Looks Like a Weird Number

As 2012 draws to a close, I'm optimistic for 2013. I'm actually really happy I've had this blog for as long as I have--- I actually pulled up my posts for 2011 and 2012 and I can see my goals haven't been too off the mark. I know people say it's silly to come up with resolutions, but I think if the intentions are right, putting it out to the universe will make those intentions relevant to your life.

Reviewing 2012 goals---

  • Wear More Heels. Well, sort of. I didn't wear them as often as I would have liked, but there was a definite upswing in me finding "heel occasions" and I'm upgrading my shoe collection, so that's a plus! (I was just gifted my first pair of legit designer shoes, so that's exciting!)
  • Do More Yoga. That could have also been done a little bit better... but I'm getting to know my resources more. I'm not shy to pull out a yoga mat in front of the boyfriend anymore. Also not self conscious if I ever can't sleep at night and need to do a few sun salutations to stretch my body to try.
  • Get Back into Drawing. Didn't do a lot of random drawing-- but I actually have more legit reasons to use my drawing skills now than I have ever before. I know that sounds weird, but I find that now whenever I draw, it's for some end purpose. Legit reasons to carry a notebook and a good pencil (need to upgrade to a pen- or at the very least a mechanical pencil!). For example, to draw out a look for a new outfit I'm planning to make (in a Fashion Illustration way)-- or to come up with a cute and cuddly animal to embroider onto my next project. Legit reasons to draw, unfrivolously. It behoves me to be at the ready, always.
As for my goals for 2013, I've put some thought into them and they are as follows:

  • Eat Better. I don't just mean "eat three meals a day, nothing but healthy stuff"--- well, that, too. But I mean "better" in a real deep way: I want to savor better foods and better meals. Maybe something of a ritual eater. It'd be nice to try at least a couple new restaurants a month that are maybe off the beaten track of what I'd normally go to. I loved my tried-and-true.... but I would love to try new places, too. Plus, I think it'd also make me appreciate the food better when I go to Paris in 2014 (my goal!!).
  • Become an SF Culture Addict. I've lived in San Francisco for 2+ years now and I still feel like such a noobie in this city! There is still so much I haven't done or experienced here! While bouncing this off an acquaintance, he pointed out that there aren't nearly enough events here as there used to be... and he might be right. But if I can hit up at least one new cultural experience a month, I think it'd be a win. I just want to know I do more "San Franciscan things". Maybe I'll lay out at Dolores Park more often. I feel like I'm just missing out.
  • Make 50,000k in 2013. Lofty goal? Not even! I don't even make half of that right now in earnings, but I have high goals for myself and aspirations of using my creativity more openly. I don't know... I just have a feeling that financially, 2013 will be a great year for me. 

Also for the New Year I went ahead and spruced up my layout page-- and I'm absolutely loving it! The background image is from Shabby Blogs which is great for pre-designed layout backgrounds~ They have a lot of images I adore and would love to use later. All the other stuff was put together in Photoshop. 

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