Tuesday, January 4, 2011

To celebrate, my boyfriend stole a Wet Floor sign

2011 New Year celebrations were definitely a stark contrast from last year. While 2010's "party" involved pounding down faderade at the local Motel 6, this year was spent atop an apartment building in downtown San Francisco, shouting at the pedestrians below. There was of course plenty of smooching Kyle passionately at the stroke of midnight.

But it is of course that time of year when everyone promises things for themselves that they may or may not accomplish but I'm being optimistic here and going with it. It's healthy and fun and fuck it, why not?

It's been something of a shock to hear the snarky remarks at a couple of my goals for the year. The negative critisism (or "jokes") do get to me a little bit... not because of the words themselves but because of the automatic rush to put someone down. Yes, there's a lot of negative stigma at New Years Resolutions but it gets a little bit out of control when it turns around and ridicules a person. I don't know. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth hearing some of what people have to say. I don't like it.

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