Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Today I tagged on a tunnel wall.

Today Kyle and I went out into The City to enjoy an artistic adventure: trekking the hills in quest of Bansky. After pondering some of his work in length for the past few days, Kyle and I wanted to make it an adventure and were able to spot a decent amount for having walked it.

Me and Bansky's Peaceful Heart Doctor

Bansky - If At First You Don't Succeed-- Call an Airstrike 

Kyle and Bansky's Glitter Rat

We thought it was kind of cool that on Glitter Rat, loose glitter has fallen onto the ledge and Kyle was able to check it out. Makes it more real.

Former site of Bansky's This'll Look Nice When its Framed

Not cool is that This'll Look Nice When It's Framed was painted over. Kind of surprising for the area since there is plleeeenty of graffiti in that area of The City. I was more surprised over there being protective plastic in some pieces and not this one. Damn- what a loss.

Hopefully Kyle and I can visit the rest of the pieces next week.

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