Monday, October 15, 2012

Blooming Sardines.

My boyfriend and I are celebrating our anniversary next week and I've finally decided on a very lovely anniversary gift for him (and me!). I want to document my hopes and fears about it, and just generally look forward in excitement to when I get my hands on it: a yummy Lomography camera!

Now, I'm well aware it's a hipster cam. But whatever.

So why get one when I have a digital camera all ready? For the nostalgia! For the film! For the photos I can blow up and make cards and framed art with for my Etsy shop! (The last point is most certainly how I'm justifying such a weird purchase)

Anyway, I've all ready decided on the camera model I'll be getting for both the Boy and myself: La Sardina.
I'm still quite unsure of what camera design I would like for myself specifically, but we'll see when I finally get my mitts on one. Turns out all the really awesome designs are for the camera + flash set and I really can't justify spending that much on a single camera right now... (though their "Copernicus" model is super pretty!) I think for the Boy I'll more than likely be going with their 8Ball, Seoul Edition, or Sapphire Serpent  designs... can't decide yet.

Anyway, I'm very much inspired by the beautiful lomography pictures I've stumbled across on Flickr.

Bloom by

Sunny Old Aberdeen by AshleighCook10
LaSardina 6 by elveblest

Funfair in Redscale by FeeMail

I don't see myself becoming a camera or photography buff in the least... Let alone go through hundreds of thousands of camera rolls in the process of playing around with something like this. I honestly want some nostalgic, beautiful pictures of my anniversary, some fun photos to send to my family through snail mail, and some great images to use for my Etsy shop. If anything, if I end up with boxes and boxes of photos afterwards, I'll have considered it a personal fail! I honestly believe that in this day and age, it's more important to be picky when it comes to film photography... digital indulgence has ruined us!

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