Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Omg- Shoes. These all rule (to me, at least!)

Even though it's rainy and damn cold here in SF, I'm all ready dreaming of warmer weather and the garments that go with it-- especially the shoes! I'm very determined to invest in a cute pair of comfortable, COLORFUL wedges and I will not let the weather deter me. Here are some I've been eyeballing online-- where I can at least dream! I don't think I'll be able to get a new pair of wedges for at least another month, however.

Anne Klein

Chinese Laundry

Luxury Rebel

Madden Girl


Nine West



Vivienne Westwood

Yes yes yes, I'm well aware that the Vivienne Westwood clogs are definitely not wedges, but I can't help it- I really love VW!


  1. 1. Love the third pair.
    2. Seychells are super comfy. At least the ones I have tried!

  2. I will definitely look into the Seychells if I see them in person- I've heard some good reviews of them as well!

    As for the 3rd pair, I can totally see you rocking those! I think the T-strap shoes are a little more your style than mine!