Thursday, February 23, 2012

Apothecaries don't have to be scary- I promise!

I'm very happy to say that while riding the muni today, I finally decided what theme I would like to decorate my bathroom with: vintage apothecary! Now, hear me out, I'm well aware that it can turn "creepy" but I think that with some light enough colors it can look cool without being weird. Here are some inspirational images I found via Pinterest:

I definitely feel more confident in my future thrift store hunts because now I know EXACTLY what it is I'm looking for: bottles and vials in all shapes and sizes --and trays for them to sit a top of. Well, maybe one really good tray. Old frames and a good mirror that maybe has "time damage"-- I don't know the name of that effect when it gets specks on it's surface...?

I'm also excited on the prospect of being able to design my own labels for each of the bottles! Of course some of them will be silly labels, but I think they'd be great for a bottle to hold my face toner, my moisturizer, cotton balls, etc. I also think it'd be quite amazing to find an old tattered book to rip apart and paint on the sheets-- then frame them. Maybe I'll do some botany pictures?

Either way, I'm excited! I'll probably be scouring the main Goodwill in the City tomorrow after school and taking things home in excitement. Lets see what I can get for under 20$! At least for this first trip... I know a new bath rug, towels, and trash bin are in order and that's where the bulk of the budget will go. Oh well--- they're needed.

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