Monday, August 1, 2011

They said pretzels on their noses were cool.

In an effort to revive my web presence in a consistent form, I've recently decided to go through the favorite forums I used to have and revamp them. While that in itself is tedious-- lots of links, profile info, avatars-- all needing to be changed, I find myself becoming re-inspired by previous interests. Upon browsing and revamping, I stumbled on this month's challenge at It has me all excited as the deadline coincides with my brother's wedding and the project guidelines sound like something up my alley--- and something I can easily fashion into a wedding gift!

Nevermind the prizes (they're lovely, I just don't need more tshirts in my life!), the deadline and rules are perfect constraints which I can comfortably thrive in. I'm looking forward to actually having a decent gift for such an occasion!

Also, I'm looking to do a photoshoot sometime soon. My reasoning behind something like this that can be considered "frivolous" is that I want to start shaping my image into something more professional. The more professional I present myself, the more people will take me as such and the better off I'll be in the long term. Its hard to explain- it just feels good to be able to present myself as a confident, purposefilled person who knows what she wants!

In that vain, I created an account at pinterest and am posting some ideas for photoshoots that might work for me and my little digital camera (lots of kudos to my loving boyfriend who will be behind the lens!)

They all have this yummy urban decay meets sweet meets romantic feeling that I think I'd like to go for. The idea of making props and actually using props in the shoot is also very exciting. What sort of props describe me? What sorts of settings represent me? I don't ask these things in a selfish, narcissistic way. I have to start looking at it in a marketing + branding way. How do the settings and props I chose for this shoot describe who I am? 

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