Saturday, April 9, 2011

He's so funny they nicknamed him 'Charlie Day'.

I'm about to undertake my second real knitting project in honor of the spring/summer season: I need a shawl so I'm making one. When looking for the pattern, I searched for something drape-y that I could wear with a dress out at the beach or taking an evening walk at the park.

Summerflies Shawl by Holly and Ella Knits

Lately, though, my carpal tunnel has been acting up so that's a concern. I think I'll need to be very very careful about limiting myself to only an hour or so of knitting at max a day just so I don't over-strain my hands. My right hand has been especially painful; frappuccino season has begun. I don't even like to think on the fact that a beverage is ruining my hands rather than my hobbies and career path.

On the subject of knitting, my Knitwear: design and construction class is going so-so. I never seem to have enough time to make ample swatches per each technique learned... I blame that on work and there not being very many knitwear workshops level one students can attend. But, I am happy that I'm comfortable doing the different techniques. Knowing the different way the machinery works always impresses me. I can't wait for the final project when we get to create our own unique swatches with accompanying story boards and designs.

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