Sunday, March 27, 2011

This tastes like lemon merangue pie and I adore that.

Yes, yes. I'm well aware that I'm being heavily influenced by popular culture these past few months. Yes, I know this is most definitely unlike me. Then again, it is a nice anchor for my wandering mind. I'm sure if I were to ask my boyfriend on the matter, he would deny his own influence as well-- which I don't mind. I will take responsibility of all this all on my own.

I suppose you can say that I look at inspirational ideas, people, situations, and places a little bit differently than many other people do-- an artist's trained eye, so to speak. (Well, even that would be an ego-stroking comment; that's a topic for another day.) Looking past what is and isn't "in" and actually picking out the traits that I find desirable in each inspirational source without bias is actually extremely liberating.

With all that said, I reiterate that I've been more-so into (american? western?) pop culture than normal which I'm ok with. Being sucked in by Kim Kardashian's huge ass isn't on my to-do list, however (at least not yet, anyway).

Katy Perry:

I don't listen to her music, but her style is inspirational in how it flatters femininity and well... uh, assets. Looking at how Katy Perry asserts herself with confidence gives me a little more hope which is great-- her interviews really reflect how at ease with herself she is and which I admire. Obviously, that's something to be learned with time. Granted, the songs she puts out are a little much for me -- but the positive attitude and giant grin at all times are a huge plus and I definitely like her.

Dita von Teese:

Oh, I like her... as much of a dirty pleasure as it might be. Classic, sexy, and very very dedicated to vintage styles. I really admire how she turns fashions and ideals that are considered very "grandma" by modern standards and brings out their old appeal with full vigor. Putting her burlesque aside (and which I have no problem with, btw!), she's more covered up than a lot of fashion icons of today and to be honest, that's what  I like. Its all classic and tasteful, with attention to detail and frankly-- I love the silhouette of her fashion way more than the modern things normally touted.

Ew. No thanks. 

I will gladly embrace feminine, soft lines, beautiful colors, fabrics and non-anorexic (or drug-fueled [Lohan D8 ]) style.  

Miss Pandora/Louise Ebel

I actually found her blog via Forever21 which was weird, but I'm still glad I stumbled upon her website and all the cool pictures she updates with. She's a wonderful inspiration for a few different reasons: 1- She's around my age range which I think is so cool! She's doing so much for someone so young. 2- If she can do it, so can I (haha!). 3- She mixes and matches high-end with some of the fast fashion styles of today. Louise is definitely a modern fashion icon in my life and I love it.

Looking at what I think is attractive clothing, I'm happy to say I still slant towards more vintage and older style. Even though I may not be as fully steeped in the (Japanese) street styles as I used to be, I'm still within boundaries I love and appreciate. Yes, I love pink, yes I adore frivolous decoration, curvy lines, stockings, ruffles, lace, and the totality of "girly", so I don't feel its a betrayal of 10 years of self identification. But at least I'm comfortable saying I can take it to the next level and be more grown up than previously and I'm all good with it all.

(Top 2 images from Google, purse by DesignsByAmbiana @Etsy , cuff by TheVanityFair @Etsy

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