Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Apartment decor blah blah.

Browsing Pinterest is so much fun-- I'm so happy there's an iPhone app for the website. And for my purposes right now- it's even more amazing! I recently moved into a new apartment and I'm gathering up as many ideas as I can for home decor as pop up on the site. It's both a good and bad thing that this new place is like a blank slate: it's great because I can start from scratch and do what I would like... but it's bad since we have no furniture (kitchen table? what's that?!) Also, no painting the walls allowed at the new place- sucks.

So here are some awesome images I found for inspiration.

Between Pinterest and Apartment Therapy, I'm getting a lot of ideas-- none of which I can outright afford, though! I think starting to scour yard sales and thrift stores will let me get close, though.

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