Saturday, July 16, 2011

I thought it was a crack, but it's not, so it's cool.

While waiting in the lobby of a hair salon, I curiously browsed through a recent (but tattered) artist magazine (Juxtapoz) which immediately made me lament missing out on an exhibit featured here in the City during the time I've lived here. Makes me want to keep up with artist magazines around here! 

I was introduced to The Old Boy's Club and the awesomeness that is la destitution de la Jeune Fille.

I don't think I'm particularly eloquent enough to be able to talk about this piece in the way that was intended. I do, however, want to express my admiration at the uniqueness of each "monster" and the graphic aspect of each one. I love the bold colors, the simple shapes, and how they're all unique. And all done in gauche! Makes me want to reexamine my relationship with that medium...

Either way, I can't help but draw some sort of comparison between this piece's amazing details (see the Old Boy's Club website for more detailed views of the entire work) and the details in Hieronymus Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights.

Granted, Bosch's piece is considerably more gluttonous and explicit, the insanity of the characters and immense amount of detail in both is downright amazing. Both have address different subjects (Jeune fille with an analogy of a girl vs society spinning out of control, Delights with gluttony and hell), they both employ an amazing level of skill and imagination for being plentiful, not boring and I absolutely love that.

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